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Australian Animals
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Australia is home to some of the most dangerous and deadly animals in the world.

 There are 20 poisonous snakes. One of those snakes it the deadly taipan, the world's most venomous snake, which attacks for no reason, and keeps attacking until you are dead (in minutes.)

There are 36 different poisonous spiders, including the red back spider, or Australia's black widow. A friend of mine, a teacher, lives in Tasmania. During what she calls the red spider season, she has to check between couch and chair cushions, between sheets, and anywhere a spider can tuck itself out of sight as the red back spider will attack. (Even people in the cities have to be careful.) For comparison, the United States is home to 3 poisonous spiders. Australia has 36.

Australia is the home of the Great White Shark, the blue-ringed octopus, and the salt water crocodile, all extremely dangerous animals.

The platypus, the kangaroo, and the koala all look adorable but they can be quite dangerous as well. The platypus lives in fresh water and is venomous. It hangs out at the bottom of waterways and will attack your legs or feet. If the spur on a platypus penetrates the skin, it causes intense pain in humans and can kill small animals. The kangaroos are great fighters. They use their legs to kick and their claws to attack the eyes of their opponent. Some kangaroos are over 6 feet tall! They don't attack unless they feel threatened, but who knows what a kangaroo will perceive as a threat? The koala, no matter how cute, is still a bear.

 Australia has over 500 national parks to protect its unique plants and animals, even the most dangerous ones.

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