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So much beautiful art has come from Australia. Where to start? How about at the beginning with Aboriginal Art.

Aboriginal Art: Indigenous art is a form of storytelling. It is used to show the events, the beliefs, the use of the land, and the survival skills of the Aboriginal people using art rather than text. You'll find many designs with dots in aboriginal art. These dots were used to communicate and also to hide information. Aboriginal art is religious in nature. Each color in this art has meaning. Black means the earth. Red is fire and blood. Yellow is the sun, and sometimes means water. You'll quite often find turtles and hands, fish and trees, and nature as themes. Whether the art is found on a rock, on bark, or on canvas, it is absolutely beautiful and unique. Here's the result of a Google Search for Aboriginal Art: Take a look!

Contemporary Australian Artists: Not all but many contemporary artists from Australia are sticking with the age old aboriginal theme of nature and people. Even those who paint mostly cityscapes have chosen the colors of Australia (of which there are many!) Here are a few examples: Take a look!

Artists in Australia, like everywhere, do not limited themselves to paint. They use sculpture, wood working, doll making, and many other forms to express their talent and share their stories.

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