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Aussie Slang
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Australians speak English, or so they say, but Australians have many words that you might not recognize.

If you happen to be in Australia, hungry for some tucker (food) and ask an Australian directions to the nearest McDonalds, they might look a bit confused, because Australians call a McDonalds restaurant Mackers. When ordering, if you want ketchup for your fries, ask for tomato sauce.

Here are a few more that Americans refer to as Aussie slang:

  • ankle biter — young child

  • barbie — barbecue

  • chook — chicken

  • daks — slacks, jeans

  • dinkum — true, real, genuine

  • earbash — talk nonstop

  • McDonalds - Mackers

  • sheila — woman

  • sunnies — sunglasses

  • Ta — thanks

  • tomato sauce — ketchup

  • tucker — food 

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