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Dreamtime: Aboriginals, or the First People, in Australia, believe that the entire world was made by their ancestors, going way back to the beginning of time. This is called the Dreamtime. The Aboriginals believe that the Dreamtime dates back about 65,000 years, when their ancestors made everything - the rivers, the land, the hills, the rocks, the plants, the animals - everything. These ancestors were spirits with amazing powers (obviously.) They gave the people their hunting tools and ways of life, their different languages, and most of all, their Dreaming.

The Dreaming: The Dreaming never stops. It is the past, the present, and the future. It is a place where unique stories are told. The purpose of the stories is to share the beliefs held by different Australian Aboriginal groups or tribes. It's a way to pass on the beliefs of a tribe or a nation. Some of the Dreaming stories are told through Aboriginal art. Others are told orally. Some, these days, are written down.

One of the most famous Dreamtime stories is Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime. Some people might say: The Story of the Rainbow Serpent, but Aboriginals would say Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime, or if they are telling this story to a group of people who are not Aboriginals, they might say, The Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime Story, just so people know its a story.

Here is the story: Rainbow Serpent Dreamtime

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