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Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent!

Australia has just about everything as far as geography goes. It has rivers, mountains, dense forests, waterfalls, swamps, volcanoes, beaches, and several types of rain forests. 18% of the country is desert. Plus, 35% of Australia is so dry that it might as well be called a desert. Australia is also home to the largest rock in the world in the famous red soil Uluru region. And, as many of you already know, Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef!  Australia is a most diverse place, and some of Australia is down right dangerous. Many people live in the cities, but not all of them. Although there are many beautiful farms, there are also people who still live in the outback.

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The Snowy Mountains, the Saddleback Mountains, the Blue Mountains (that are actually blue), the Australian Alps, and the Great Dividing Range are some of Australia's mountains.

Australia has seven major rivers with interesting names like the Murrumbidgee River, plus lots of smaller waterways.

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