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General / History

Lesson Plans Multicultural Australia

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History of Australia


Aboriginal Art and Story telling lesson plan

Australia's First People mini unit

Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories lesson plans

Australian Dot Art (video lesson)

All About Australia (free download, TPT)

Australia for kinderkids (free download, TPT)

Aboriginal Art lesson plan

Australian Aboriginal Art
& Story Telling lesson plan

Australian Dot Art (4th grade)

Art Symbols Poster (free download)

Dreamtime and the Dreaming

Dreamtime Stories

Amazing Animals

Animals Down Under

Government: Australian Parliment / Democracy

People Power, Do we need government? (UNIT)  It covers: What is democracy? How is Australia governed? How do people have a say in how Australia is governed? How and why are rules made? How are they changed?

Documenting a Democracy
(primary documents)

Australian Parliament lesson plans,
interactive games, activities

Geography: Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent

Royal Geography Society of Australia - teaching resources

Great Barrier Reef

Geography of Australia - Rivers, Rainforests, Mountains, Beaches, Volcanoes, Deserts, Waterfalls - you name it, it's there

Early Explorers

Early Explorers and Inland Explores

Canberra, Sydney, Daintree Rainforest, Folktales, Gold Rush, Celebrations, Flies, and more

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